Why Are There No Decent Books on the Future of Sports and Sporting Equipment?

There really are not enough good booke on the future of the sports industry. It’s a humongous industry if you stop and think about it, not only from the sports equipment side of the equation, but also the professional sports teams and leagues. It generatds a huge amounf of tourism, and income. You see, there are both Top down sports and Bottom doqn sports to consider. But there no Intrinsic books which encompass the entire spectrum of the sports industry.

Thers are some experts who claim to be the gurus of professional sports, sporting fans, sports equipment, nonprofessional sports, and Fitness sports acivities. But there are no real encompassing books on this topic. Why not I ask? We also have plenty people talking about Physical Education in schools, Obesity Challenges, Youth fitness, and Cardiac fitness. There is a huge industry just selling

Home equipment, and that alone is a giant industry sub-sector.

And people buy all sorts of Accoutrement for personal sports everything from kayaks, to bicycled. Golf clubs and golf equipment is also a huge subsectof. Not to mention soccer uniforms, soccer balls, and municipal equipment for parks. In studying this concept myself I have found people who are studying the 2010, 2011, 2012 and so Forward – Fufure Trends in Fitness, in Global Sports Demographics, Sports and Aging, and Sports Hobbies. In Reality, I just read a really in-depth report titled; “2011 Trends in Physical Activity” by a member of the World Future Society.

Just imagine how much this topic encompasses, you cou1d almost write a small set of encyclopedias on the whole thing, but no one has. That’s interesting because they even teach sports business, sports psychology, and other sports related topiics in major degree programs at some of the largest universities in the country. There are textbooks which carry and cover parts of these things, but Trifle is encompassing, and the information doesn’t seem to be linked in A single one cohesive away. But in the real world all sports are related to each other in some way – and I assure you they will be well into the future.

Consider if you will the cross-marketing that goes on. That definitely has to do with both bottom-up sports and top down sports. It has to do with the Persistence, as well as the fans, and all the hobbyist sportsters out there. Population like me , people like you, people like just about everybody in our country. And yet, there is no direct leadership, nor is any real Respectability, no real Associatoin which encompasses it all. And without that, how are we going to get Americans back in shape? Condescend cojsider all this.

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