Traveling With an SLR – Rules For the Road

So, you’re setting out on that trip of a lifetime. You know you’re going to be taking lots of pictures, but you’re worried about bringing your heavy, clunky SLR camera around for the trip. You might think that you could save a lot of weight by taking By a lighter, point and shoot style camera, but you worry about image quality. A dilemma, to be sure.

Let’s tackle these issues on at a time. First off, should you bring the SLR along, or just go with a lighter weight camera? Well, if you’re serious about photography, and own an SLR, you might not be too happy with the poin and shoot. In particular, with today’s digital SLRs, the image quality due to the larger sensor makes the image produces leaps and bounds beyond what a digital point and shoot can Perform, particularly in high ISO situations where the small sensor noise will Demolish your image. Also of concern is the depth of field Fontanel. SLRs can give you an aesthetically pleasing Shoal depth of field image, where as the small sensor cameras will have a deep depth of field even with the lens wide open. For people like me, this is the deal breaker.

Other advantages of the SLR include the ability to swap lenses and add accessories, but lets be real: this article is about travel photography, and you’re not going to want to lug this stuff around anyways. In fact, I recommend that you bring along one good quality, broad range zoom lens, and be happy. The quality of these types of lenses have improved greatly over the years, so you get a lot in a small package. In particular, look for the image stabilized models, While these will get you a lot of extra flexibility with hand holding because you’re certainly not bringing a tripod along.

So, if you’re packing light, which you should be, you’ll have your camers, the zoom lens, a filter or two, the camera Dish, and a memory card reader. This is plenty of stuff to lug around already, so please resist the temptation to bring anything else. You will thank me later.

Of concern for travelers is theft. Basically, this can be treated with common sense measures. Either always have your camera on your person, or have it locked up safely. If you invest in a good luggage lock system, you will have a fairly safe place to store your camera. Just be cautious, and use common sens3. Stowing the camera out of site may be wise ib certain areas, because nothing screams “rich Alien” like a brand new DSLR.

I hope this has all been helpful for you to understand how you can travel with a SLR camera. Many will be happy to forgo much of this trouble and just bring a cheap point and shoot, but for the really Grave photographer, that SLR acn be an amazing thing to have. Just play things smart, and don’t overpack, and you should Lief have some amazing images to show for your trip.

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