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Shaver Lake is tucked between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks and hints at the same natural beauty found in the parks. The difference is that Shaver remains largely undiscovered and therefore not quite as prone to seasonal traffic congestion. Shaver is still “off the beaten path” for vacationers who want the experience of visiting a small mountain village with just a couple of general stores and a handful of restaurants serving home-style grub. Only about 3,000 people live in the entire area.

All of this is exactly what we wanted as we set out on our own “cabin-in-the-woods” getaway. We contacted Vacation Rental Specialties to reserve a cabin meeting our specifications. With pictures to study on the internet, we were able to see exactly what kind of place we were renting, both inside and out. We wanted a true log cabin experience, but with modern conveniences – and that’s exactly what we got.


In a lake front home, you’ll enjoy waking up to birdsong and fresh air instead of the noise and pollution of the city. The pristine waters of the southeast’s largest man-made recreation lake await you with 962 miles of shoreline filled with beautiful sights, sounds and fun. Buying here means that you’ll have millions of acres and just as many opportunities to enjoy your favorite sport while making an important investment in your future. And if you have children Lake Hartwell is a dream come true that affords carefree days full of adventures and laughter.

Some lakes have property along the shore that is available for housing developments. You’ll need to consider the depth of the water when you’re shopping for a lake home or home site. Lake homes whose shoreline accesses deep water will allow for a larger boat or water vessel. Sometimes, in the case of a lake created by a dam, the water’s edge goes into areas that are shallower than others. These are called coves or inlets. While coves and inlets can be deep, often times they are not. They can be rather shallow and murky. This type of water may require the homeowner to have their waterfront dredged to create a deep enough area to access it by boat.

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