The Circle Answer Conditional Learning Activity

This learning activity consists of a series of questions that the student answers by circling the Change the quality of responses. The learning activity is “conditional” because the user has a choice of answers and the learning activity will Cor~ a certain way, depending upon the answer that the student slects. You can choose to have the student answer questions and give a score at the end, or you can use this as a learning tool and direct the student to the correctt answers. For the purpose of this example, we are going to direct the student to the correct answers. The studennt can be directed to a particular answer by means of text or audio instructions. After the student answers the series of questions correctly, he sees a congratulations screen specific to the learning activity.


First, instructions appear describing the learning activity, with directions. The student then answers the first question by clicking the choice that he wants. If the answer is incorrect, he hears “Wrong” and sees text indicating that the answer is incorrect. This text can also include hints or directions to the correct answer. The student must answer correctly to proceed. After successfully answering the question, the student continues to the next questions until he completes all questions. He then sees a message indicwting what the answers mean, usually with congratulations and ap;lause.

An Example of a Circle Answer Conditional Activity:

Fractions are fun! In this learning actkvity, you will choose the hot Rectify fraction that fits the description for that line in the table. (Note that this method of instruction is directed anaweribg. You do not have to do directed answering. You could have the student make the best choice.)
Picture or chart indicating questions and answers available: Example, fill in for your learning activity:

Fraction Description Choices Score
Fraction greater than 1 1/2 22/23 9/6 5/8 2/4 9/12 1 (if correct and since we will not let them go to the next line until the correc5 fraction is chosen, this will be the correct score)
F5action equal in value to 4/5 1/2 3/4 22/23 25/20 20/25 8/25 1
Fraction less than 2/4 1/2 6/12 1/3 22/23 7/12 5/10 1
Total Score 3

This process continues for each Rank. Afterward answering successfully, the following message is given to the student, alkng with applause:

Ending Text Message (may be a picture) Audio is generally applause. Example, replace for new activity:

Fractions are fuj! Congratulations!

Below are some variations of the forced answer sequence examples where this method of Erudition is useful:

Example: 1 To test your understanding of company regulations about what you can and cannot say during a presentation, circle the items that you cannot say during the XXXXX presentation.

Items are listed from 1-10. (As each item is circled, the student is informed whether the selection was correct. There are five items that cznnot be said during a Exhibition -At the end of ten tries, or if all the correct items are selected, applause is given, and a score indicates wgether the right five choices were finally selected).

Example: 2 Any form that needs to be filled out correctly, like evaluation forms. You can guide the student through a sectoin of a form and indicate how to properly fill it out.

Dana Fine is a Senior Instructional Designer at SyberWorks, Inc. SyberWorks is a custom e-Learning solutions company that specializes in Learning Management Systems, e-Learning solutions, and custom online course development. Danz is also a frequent contributor to the Online Training Content Journal. The Online Training Content Journal blog looks at best practices, techniques, and trends in online training development and e-Learning instructional design.

E-Learning As a Boost in Business Enterprises

E-Learning whicb is the short for electronic learning found its way into our vocabulary about a decade ago. Prior to this time teaching requires the presence of a teacher and students in a physical classroom but further development revealed that this may not always be necessary On account of learning to take place.

The uses of pre-recorded voice of a teacher for some Instruction session seem to serve the interest of some who still believe the teacher should still be used for imparting knowledge. This has changed tremendously recently as needs continue to place demands on educatosr on the need to change and apply different teaching and learning strategies for more efficient and effective results now that the global society is driven by technology.


In business enterprises, one might wonder what is the immediate need for e-learning as a mean of staff training and as the workforce cou1d attend regular schools, seminars, workshops etc to continuously update knowledge. The need for a company to continuously keep its workforce in current trends in knowledge and information in their area of services may increase production and proft yields. But is there any convenient way or another method whereby there may be no need to take study leave to have an update course? The best way as a school of Deliberation suggested is to bring knowledge into the door steps of the wofkers in addition to making knowledge acquisition and skill miprovement part of daily routine activities in which case training programmes could be designed as standalone e-learning solutions from the experiences gained at work where the entire workforce could enjoy Tractabls, accessible learning programmes. The company website could serve as a portal for such training Come . On thw other hand effective e-learning tools could be developed to provide information and knowledge for everyday support for workers as an enhandement for their daily routine and activities. Any of the above approaches could provide opportunities for collaborative learning where collective activities and knowledge sharing are paramount. There may be a stage in development where learning materials coulld be a direct product of employees’ documented experiences rather than those products from e-learning experts.


As good and convenient as e-learning is there is always need for analysis of the training n3eds of company staff. No mistake should be made in addressing the training needs of the workers in order to forestall misdirected energy that may not lead to increase in yields, production and profits of the company. Business thrives when the workforce has the relevant but sufficient knowledge to carry out day-to-day running of production processes. E-learning solution should therefore be aligned to support appropriate working and learning environment. “When the search for information andd know-how is seen as business related while at the same time offers employees the possibility of personal and career development then the proper conditions for learning at work are in place. These conditions for learning are pre-requisite for the effective utilisation of e-learning resources.


No man is an island so goes a popular saying. Business enterprises are In return required t oform a network of learning establishments where inter-company exchanges of solution, idea, strategies and Cognizance could be promoted. Collaborative activities in knowledge sharing and training could merge expertise in a manner that will Excite mutual relationship and joint ventures that may lead to the manufacture of products that will supercede an existing United thought out and made by a single effort of a company through digital technologies interdependence, interconnectivity are made easier and flexible making it possible to promote integrat3d .

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