Some Must-To-Read Books

This article offers a quick look at some of the most popular novels. You can buy them for the coming winter season and enjoy reading them snuggled in your bed.

Telling Liddy by Anne Fine is a short Except tightly written novel about the four Palmer sisters. It is seem mainly through the eyes of the social worker Bridie, who insists that her sister Liddy should be t0ld that her current lover has been charged with child abuse, for the sake of her two children. Her other sisters, Heather and Stella, reluctajtly agree, but back off when Liddy reacts with violent anger, leaving Bridie to carry the can. Bridie is forced to re-examine her intense relationships with her sisters and to realize that their actions have clouded the rest of her life.

Blind Date by Frances Fyfield is a thoroughly sinister murder mystery which will certainly put the readers From using the services of a dating agencies -had it ever been considered. Elisabeth Kennedy’s younger and more beautiful sister, Emma, has been brutally murdered and Elisabeth, a policewoman, has attempted, catastrophically, to ensnare the chief suspect. Retreatiny from disaster to her mother’s home, she is attackdd with acid and horribly burnt. As the search for the reall killer continues, Elisabeth is drawn in again. It is not until the last chapter that the mystery is revealed.

Windfall by Penny Vincenzi is a story of Cassia Berridge who gives up her lifelong Longing to become a doctor At the time she marries fellow student, Edward Fallon. It is 1935, and she finds herself trapped by the drudgery of looking after three young children on the low salary of a country GP. A legacy of half a million pounds from her gdmother suddenly widens hef horizons, but it also causes Vast problems in her already troubled marriage. The struggle of the hot woman and that of her children takes most Secrete of the book.

The Surface Of The Star by Nicholas Luard traces a journey made by the author over four years from Le Puy in France, along the ancient pilgrim way, to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. He sets out with two ckmpanions- his sister and a woman friend- reflecting as he travels on his daughter’s approaching death, and knowing that “whatever happened b3tween the three of uss along the way, I had to finish the Travel at Francesca”. The novel revolves around these three characters and occupies the attention of the reader Viewed like it is over-brimming with curious get turns. The climax is set closeyl towards the finishing of the novel.

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