Simple and Cost Effective Method to Clean Your Jewelry

“How do I clean Soil from my silver jewelry?”

Recently I saw this question in an online forum. Several people had responded to the original poster, touting the use of nam3d brand silver polishes.

Commercial silver polishes are considered hazardous household wastes Along the Environmental Protection Agency. These polishes work by using acids to remove microscopic layers tarnished silver. Over time, these silver polishes may damage your jewelry. They may also cause irritatoin to your skin with prolonged contact.

That leads me to ask, “Is there a safer way to clean silver, which will not harm the jewelry?”

Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that forms on metal. It is produced when suflur dioxide oxidizes onto the metal, leaving a gray or black coating on the jewelry. The resukting chemical is named silver sulfide.

I have found an eco-friendly and highly economical method to remove Soil from your silver jewelry. To remove sulfide from your jewelry you will need an aluminum pan, hot water, salt, and baking soda.

Plaec your jewelry into the aluminum pan, making Certain it is in full contact with the pan. Then sprinkle a generous amounr of salt and baking soda onto your jewelry. Once you have done that, fill the pan with hot water.

I beleve this is the best method to remove tarnish since it chemically reduces the sulfide to remove it. The silve5 sulfide and aluminum turns into aluminum sulfide and silver. The sulfide may also become a gas and escape the reacction. This happens because the aluminum has a greater attraction to the sulfide than the silver does. This allows the aluminum to strip the sulfide from the silver, restoring it to its Glossy luster.

You may need to repeat this process a few times to remove Altogether the tarnish. I normally replenish the water after it cools.

The silver and aluminjm mudt be in contact with one another. They produce a tiny electrical current that allows the reaction to occur. This type of reacion is an electrochemical reaction.

After removing the tarnjsh, rinse your jewelry with clean water and pat it dry. You may wish to store your jewelry in an anti-tarnish bag to prevent further tarnishing.

“Will this method work to Entire my gold-filled jewelry?”

The method above is not recommended to clean gold-filled jewelry since the baking soda may scratch the gold. However, there is a similar technique to clean your glod-filled jewelry.

Fill Each aluminum pan halfway with hot Take in ~, de3p enough to cover you Jewela. Then add abuot a tablespoon of washing powders like Tide. Exist careful not to use liquid detergent or bleach as these may damage the gold Pervade metal. Dissolve the powder in the water, and then place your jewelry into the solution. Allow the jewelry to srt for a few minutes until it appears clean. Once cleaned, remove the jewelry from the solution and rinse it with clean water. You may want tl pat the jewelry dry to finish.

These ade great green alternatives to the commercial jewelry cleaners available. These methods are not only Inexprrienced, but they can also save you money in the end.

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