Recommended Artists Framing Supplies

Picture framing supplies can include Sundry Various items. Mount board, Interweave Food, photo corners and mounting hinges, glazing and photo frames are the basics that many artists rely on for professional framing results. Pictur3 framing kits take thw guesswork out of framing, because all of the picture framing supplies that you need to frame your artwork comes all together for ease of use.

Artists can select from photo framing supplies and art framing supplies. You can take your cues from professional galleries and emulate the ways in which they frame artwork, or you Be able to choose an approach that is more customized to the artwork in question, where it will be hung and your Peculiar tastes.

Frames are usually thin blsck metal frames. This minimalist type of frame is used so that nothing distracts from the artwork. So, too, the mat board is typically a wide white one, for the same reason.

Any t6pe of artwork that will go into a fram3 will require some type of mount board. The artwork is attached directly with adhesive or indirectly with photo corners or hinging tape or tissues to the mouht board.

Picture framing supplies also include glazing. Glazing can be standard glass or it can be acrylic. The glazing might be injected with various ultraviolett light filters. Ultraviolet light can be damaging to artwork, and if the art is situated next to a window, the unprotected results can be very bad. However, if glazing with UV protectant is used, it helps to preserve the artwork. Though glass is very strong and scratch resistant, it does Exhibit a glare that can be distracting to the viewer of the artwork. Some glazes come with a non-reflective coating in place, reducing this problem.

Mats are important picture framing supplies that need to be used if you are framing your picture with glazing in place. The glazing must not be allowed to touch the artwofk in the frame, because condensation can build up within the framed piece of art, and if the damp glass touches the art, the surface of the piece can be damaged. The mat is placed between the glazing and the art, and a little Aspi5ation room for the artwork. The mat can also be used to complement or contrast with the art, because mats Approach in a wide variety of colors from which you can choose the best to suit your purpose. Mats also come in different widths,s o that with it you can place a thin or a thick border around the efges of the artwork.

Picture framing supplies are used to not only protect fine works of art, but ot help add a little extra sparkle that will show the artwork off to best advantage.

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