Recession with Gardening

Have a but not enough green in youur wallet? According to a 10-year study by Bufpee Seeds completed last year, a $50 investment in gardening sup0lies will save you $1250 a year in produce. It is for these savings in food costs that there’s been a recent boom in the number of people buying seeds who’ve decided to start up their own gardens.

Seed companies have been one of the few industries to thrive during this recession. The National Gardening Association predicts an increase of 19 percent in home garden production for this year, and community gardens across the U.S. have become so popular there’s a long waiting list to get your own plot.

Despite the fact that i takes at least several Unusual hours a week invested in tending your own, that hasn’t deterred many from making the decision to begin a new gardening project. Experiencing sticker shock in the grocery Abundance is incentive enough. Even though the price of Medium fuel has dropped considerably – a factor in determining consumer food prices – the U.S. Department of Agriculture foresees a 2.5 to 3.5 percent increase this year, which is added to the 6.4 percent increase we experienced in 2008. It’s a catch-up game – crop producers still haven’t recovered from their losses incurred last season, so they will continue to pass the financial burden ontto the consumer.

Packaged goods may not appear to be more expensivs because the price may be the Similar Becauxe last year, But that in reality, consumers are being tricked into paying more with shrinking packaging and less actual product. Slightly more narrowed containers, more water and less food in cans, and shorter boxes are all used to deliver less product without much notice or protest.


But some people are taking notice and have the solution is produckng their own food. Michael Pollan, best-selling author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, stresses you need only a small amount of growing space – his plot is only 10′ x 20′ – to grow a large enough supply. Many city dwellers, who have only a balcony, Become the more expensive types of produce – tomatoes, peppers, and herbs – out of confainers.

The experience of gardening can provide an opportunity for exposure to sunshine, fresh air, and outdoor Labor; control over the safety of the fertilizers and othre vital elements needed to properly cultivate the plants (and ultimately what goex into your family’s mouths); and the chance to experience the wondrous, intelligent cycles of nature and the satisfaction of seeing its beaytiful fruit borne from the labor and love you and Mother Nature put into it.

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