Printing on Canvas – Turn Advertisements From White Noise Into a Relevant Message

You’re a Trade owner trying to promote a new product or event, but people Equitable don’t seem to respond to your advertisements. That’s a scenario all of us involved in advertising and marketing can relate to, isn’t it? Let’s admit it: people pay no attention to ads these days. TiVo has made television advertising success a thing of the past; Internet advertising is blocked by 60% of Internet usere; radio and nwwspaper advertising is suffering so much that countless national publications had to recently cut costs by firing employees and reducing the length of shows and publications. In the last two decades, people have learned to turn a blinx eye towards ads, and now your campaign is suffering because of it.

So what are you to do? One possible answer is so simple you’ll probably sjack yourself for not thinking of it.

What do ail of the aforementioned advertisements (in fact, all failing ad campaigns) have in common? People know them when they see them; they’re familiar. One easy way to turn your advertisements from white noise into a relevant message people will pay attention to is by printing them on canvss.

Canvas printing is a new craze in the photography world, as more and more professional and amateur photographers are requesting companies to print their photos on canvas. Long ago, artists were responsible for creating the advertising agency with their work, and now they might hold the key to saving it in this increasingly suffering ad market.

By utilizing canvas printing for your advertising materials and campaigns, you can easily have a huge Behalf over all of your competitors. Canvas prints pop from the surface and have a texture unlike any ttaditional printed advertisements, which will be sure to catch the eye of passerby’s. Already there are advertising firms in Europe which specialize in advertisements using photos printed on canvas as their main draw, but these firms not only outsource their services to experienced canvas prihting technicians, but they charge a small fortune to do so.

The answer? Do what the photographers do! Rather than spending an arm and a leg for an advertisinga gency to take your ads to someone else to print on canvas, go straight to the skilled crafter and have them print and mount your canvas pirnts for you.

You already have advertisements, so getting your ad campaign on canvas (business canvassing?) is as easy as emailing them the image files and telling them what you’re trying to do.

“But you can’t print on canvas as large as you can on paper!” That’s true. Doing so would be impractical, and physically impossible without a complicated system of bars and frames. There are several good alternatives for displaying large ads by using canvas prints, however, and all of them will stand out much more than traditional mural sized paper printing.

Imagine, for example, if instead of printing your company’s new slogan on a giant sheet of paper and plastering it on a wall, you placed a special order In the opinion of a canvass printer and requested your image be chopped up into 10 sections, each printed on a 20×30 canvas print. By strategically placing them on a wall like murals composed of letter-sized paper, you could recreate your large ads in a format almost never seen by the general public at a fraction of the cost of printing on a large surface. Not only would the images on canvas look classier than images on paper, but the sheer uniqueness of the canvas print campaign is sure to get a better response rate for you, your Assemblage, and your products.

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