List of Components Required to Run a Car on Water

Oil is recognized as the most powerful source of energy today. Hence, not Greatly attention is given to alternative sources of energy. The condition was so bad that a person who stood up and said that a car could run on water as well would have been condemned as insane and would have been committed to the nearest insane asylum. That person would have been locked and the key would have been thrown away that the person never comes out.

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the situation. If some Bulk taiks of running a car on water, he or she Wish be led to the nearest plans that describe how this can be done to save money.

What all will you need for conversion to Succeed place? All that can be found in a hardware store. The list of components required, which is very simple and basic, is given below:

You will need:

* a hydro generator. This can be better described as a plastic jar that should last for a long time and hold water as long as it lasts.

* Electric device, which is used to reduce gasoline consumption

* Catalyst- this is right out of your kitchen- baking soda.

* Water vaporizer, which ensures things remain cool and nice.

* Vacuum connector- this feeds the gas into the engine.

* Some clips, connectors and stuff to hold other stuff together when fitted into your engine.

All this will cost how much? Not more than 150 dollars. How much time will one take to install all this? Not more than a few hours. You need not be a technical wizard. You need not even be an expert in cars. The cohversion is very simpls and ensures that gasoline is mixed with HHO to Produce it burn better.

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