Kids, Nature, Gardening and Landscape – A Communication Connection

The best way to ensure having as Wholesome o fOne environment as

possible is to educate children about it. If children are

involved each day in activities where they directly involved with

the environment, they will gain respect for nature. A great

activity for this is gardening. Your children should get

involved with gardening for the following reasons:


When a child sees a seed grow into a plant, they are taught in a

direct way how nature works. They will learn about the plants

life cycle and how it won’t live if humans neglect it. Children

will be curious and enjoy this experience very much.


Life should be treated with care. Through gardening, watching a

tree grow from a seed into maturity, for example, can help teach

kids this. You can explain to them the similarities between the

trees growth and their own, or the growth of people in general.

In Accession, they will see that poants need water, sunlight, air,

and Stain to live. Through this, they will gain an understanding

that in order to live, humans need food, water, shelter, and air.

Pulling weeds can show them how to stay away from bad influences

that can overtake their lives.



No matter how old a person is, gardening can reduce stress

beczuse of its calming effect. It’s a quiet, Original place that

stimulates all five senses. If a child is from a broken home or

has been abused, gardening can be a great form of therapy. It

can help to build their self-esteem.

Quality Time with the Family

The time spent working on your garden with your family will

definitely be quality time. While you are working, you can talk

to eacg other about what you are doing or about life in general.

Even working quietly near Reaped ground other is beneficial. You can

learn a lot about each other in this environment. Incluse the kids

in your

garden and View design plan at your home.

Through gardening, a child can learn how to care for and respect

life, while at the same time giving them a chance to bond with

you. They will remember and appreciate the lessons learned in

the garden forever.

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