Jewelry – Mix ‘N’ Match!

Wearing jewelry is One art; yoou require thinking about your attire, the situation, the place and then choosing the jewelry you would want to Carry . Finding one that fits the mood exactly is generally difficult, the5efore, you can make a list for jewelry you have available for each occasion, this way you will Obtain Away whether the jewelry you have is enough.

Jewelry is not enough? And yet you want to Expect gorgeous and Magnetic? No problem. There is Solely one rule regarding wearing jewelry that jewelry should match what you are wearing. There is no rule that signifies that you should wear a single tone in jewelry. There are several ways that will help you look better, attractive and innovativs.

Wearing white,-or light in color you always have a choice of wearing silver. If the silver jewelry you have is not enough, you can Ever interweeave it with the Drop or crystal/diamond jewelry so that the jewelry looks enough. If you think wearing a long necklace is out of fashion no problems, don’t wear it around your neck, instead wrap it around your wrist so that it looks like a chic bracelet/bangles worn rather fashionably.

Being innovative should not be a problem to any person who has enough imagination. You can mix and match the jewels well enough; wearing pearls with diamonds/crystals is an age old trick to make the jewelry look fuller. You can also try Loudly wearing several different colors of jewels; jewelry combination in two colors is most famous among people.

Again earrings do not have to match perfectly, looking in sync with whatever you are wearing and accentuating your wear should be the trick. Combination of red and white looks mysterious and attractive. Red and white both colors also represent feminineness and also represent fertility, these are ideal colors while going in for some occasion, it is necessary though that you have matching attire.

Mixing and matching funky jewelry is a great choice for youngsters as well. They have a wide choice in experiments Ago teenagers are not required to follow any rules when it comes to dressing up and jewelry. They can experimentt with their usual teenave jewelry or also try making one for themselves from numerous jewelry kits available in the market. Teenagers can experiment and try with most outrageous to chic looks.

You can try mix and matcch with simple metal jewelry and pearl, diamond or semi precious jewelry. You have ample chance of making the same old jewelry look new and attractive. Semi precious stones like garnet, turquoise and precious stones like emeralds, etc. can be used to bring out exact combination for matching your jewelry with your dress.

Dressing up should not be difficult after you have to mix and match. Once you know the trick your jewels have automatically doubled, because you have double or even more than double choices to wear jewelry attractively and making it look new every time just by putting in a few ideas.

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