It has a children’s playground, athletic fields, a boat ramp

Tampa is just a short drive away and offers athletic events such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning, amusement parks, a zoo and the Florida Aquarium. Not to mention upscale shopping and dining.

Our rental, the “Whalen Log Cabin,” was a million-dollar home with two bedrooms, a loft, 1.75 baths, dishwasher, cable TV, DVD and a washer and dryer. A 1,750-square-foot deck is the perfect place to barbecue or watch the sun set over the mountains. Out back cabin near Shaver Lakethere are plenty of pine trees reminding guests that, yes, this is the mountains and, in fact, the edge of the wilderness. These aren’t exactly cheap vacations but when you consider the cost of premium hotel rooms nowadays, the rental fee of $225 a night plus a cleaning and booking fee is one of the best travel deals around.

The Great Lakes Schooner Company operates a fleet of several unique vessels out of Toronto, Canada. The pride of their fleet is the schooner Kajama, a 164-foot sailing vessel that makes regular tours around Toronto Harbor and Lake Ontario. Great Lakes Schooner claims that this tour cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world except in the Caribbean. That may be true, the Kajama is easily among the largest sailing vessels still carrying people on Lakes cruises.


The East Lake corridor has become very popular with families due to the excellent schools this area offers. They rank very high in academics as well as parent involvement and teacher retention. Both of these characteristics help to make the schools superior over others in the county.

The parks department has many sports programs for children including tee ball, basketball, softball, baseball, hockey and swimming. Children in Lake Hartwell and Anderson never have a problem finding something fun to do although they may be a bit daunted at first with all the choices available!

Lake Tahoe, NV. Now THAT’S a place if you’re planning on a vacation to REALLY have fun, that you absolutely MUST go. Lake Tahoe has more to do day and night than Carter has liver pills. So without further ado, let’s take a little tour and see what Lake Tahoe has to offer. The water in lakes and ponds tends to naturally stratify or separate into layers. Each layer is distinguished by the temperature of that layer, as well as the amount of oxygen. During the summer months, oxygen tends to exist more towards the surface of the water, where the water meets the air. Warmer temperatures distinguish the surface waters. Cooler temperatures and less oxygen are found towards the bottom of the lake.

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