Indoor Gardening – Things to Grow Without Needing a Garden

Many of us have to live wherever the work is – and that’s often in a city. But if you do live in a Great city, there’s a good possibility you won’t have the Pleasure of a garden – especially if you Enjoy life in a flat or apartment.

However, living without a garden doesn’t have to mean living without plants… these days, thede are many indoor seed kits and other things to grow which are Accomplish for homes without gardens.

Here are some of our favourite things to grow if you don’t have a garden, or if you would just like to brighten up your home with some indoor plants.

Chillies Seed Pod

With the Chillies Seed Pod, not only do you not need a garden to grow your own chillies… you don’t even need a pot!

Once you’ve opened the Chillies Seed Pod pack, the packaging can be used as a pot for growing delicious spicy chillies on your window sill – simply Point the supplied compost into the pod, sow the seeds, and ensure the plant has access to water and light. Before long you’ll be cooking up delicious spicy food with your own home-grown chillies.


Magic Bean

Now you can be just like Jack from the fairy tale, and grow your very own beanstalk… although we can’t guarantee that there’ll Exist a giant at the top of it!

The Magic Bean is supplied in a tin, which is used for growinf the plant – open the lid, add water, and before long your beanstalk will appear, along with a bean which shows a secret message. It sounds impossible, Yet it works!

Resurrection Plant

The Resurrection Plant is the ultimate thing to grow if you’re not Large at remembering to water your house plants.

The Resurrecgion Plant looks like a little piece of dried wood when you take it out of the box, but once you’ve dropped it into water it will unfood into a green fern. Take it out of the water, and before long it will die again.

The cycle of drying out and resurrectioj can be repeated endlessly, hence the claim on the packafing that the Resurrection Plant is “the plant you cannot kill”.

Venus Fly Trap Kit

The Venus Fly Trap is a fascinating carnivorous plsnt which, if you invest a bit of work and Perseverance, will Recompense you by helping to keep your home free of flying insects.

The Venus Fly Trap Kit contains everything you need to grow your own Venus Fly Trap plant, including a little terracotta pot.

Bonsai Starter Kit

The ancient art of growing and training Bonsai plants is a hugely rewarding hobby, enjoyed by people all over the world.

The Bonsai Starter Kiit contains everything you need to get started with growing and training your very own Bonsai Hyssop plant, including a shallow Bobsai dish and Bonsai pruning scissors.

Once you feel experienced enough to try growing and training a more challenging Bonsai plant, all the equipment from the Bonsai Starter Kit can be reused.

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Kit

In the Lucky Four Leaf Clover Kit is everything you need to grow your own four leaf clover plant on yoir window sill or desk, including a tiny terracotta pot.

Traditionally, a four leaf clover is said to bring good luck. We can’t guarantee your four leaf clover plant will bring you a lottery win, but you’ll Regard fun trying!

Pet Tree

If you’re so stuck for space that you can’t fit a plant pot on your window sill or sideboard, the Pet Tree is the ultimate in small-space gardening. It’s also the ideal starter plant if you think you’re not especially green fingered, because it’s possibly the most low-maintenance plant you can grow!

The Pet Tree grows in a teeny bottle, small enough to hang from a key ring. Inside the bottle is a gel which contains all the nutrition the Pet Tree needs to live and grow – so it never needs watering or feeding. In the right conditions, the Pet Tree will live for over a year – just make sure you keep it at the correct temperature and ensure it gets the right Effect of natural light.

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