Cool Ideas For Decorating Your Son’s Room

Most parents tend to start thinking about how to decorate a child’s room way before he even makes his way into the world. Stuffed animals and cartoon characters may be adorable, but if you want a Single playroom or bedroom for your child, you should get crearive and find a design unique to your son’s interests. If you don’t know where to start wiith your son’s room makeover, begin by selecting a theme.

A lot of good themes are available for boys’ rooms. By selecting atheme that is personal for your special little one, the room will get the inspiration and focus it needs. Choose a great theme to Adapt your child’s room into a completely unique space that will last for years.

Kids love animals or anything Cast in Character, whether they may be insects or reptiles. Using a nature theme for the bedroom could encourage your child to get outside in order to experience and explore the real outdoors.

Boys would also absolutely love a room that centers on his favorite pet. This could be birds, cats, dogs, or snakes. Designing a room based on your child’s favorite animals will make him feel more at home. Ensure that his room is also filled with pictures of himself with his favorite pet, as well as stuffed toys of the same animal.

You can even opt In the place of a safari look by looking for colorful and interesting animal wallpaper, fabrics, and borders, which are readily available at most home improvement storea. Cover the walls with a shade of tan, ivory or blue and produce valances and pillows that match well with leopard-print fabrics. Stuffed toys of tigers and lions Be able to be stowed in a corner, while binoculars, straq hats, and butterfly nets can hang from the walls. A colorful frame or mat board would also look great, and it could bw used to display your child’s art work

A lot of children Taje pleasure in going to the mountains for camping. You can carry this look over into your son’s room with wallpaper borders, bedding, fabrics and accessories of bears, fish, birdhouses and moose. For a more rustic feel, you can also add comfortable flannel fabrics, plaid patterns, and pine or log beds. For accessories, look for forest themes of mountain scenes, animals, and natural materials like leaves, pine cones, and sticks. Get inspiration from camps and use strong wooden trunks as toy storage.


If your son loves cars, decorate his room with a finish line and checkered black and white flags. Rugs with car track designs are also gr3at, as is a car bed and walls with car wall appliqués. In frames, put up Chase car photos and in shelves, put up a display of various model cars.

If it is astronomy that your little one is most interested in, choose a space theme that could consist of an Apollo bed, a star-themed rocking chair and borders of outer space. Fill the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars or hang constellations for him to marvel at.

If his father was a soldier, give the room a patriotic feel by painting it in camouflage and putting desert colors and tanks on display. It is advisable to leave weapons out of the picture, though.

Whatever theme you cohose, make sure to incorporate basic design elements of color, lines, and texture. Put some color on the walls with paint or wall paper and add soft texture to tue floor with nice area rugs. Rugs are particularly important for boy’s rooms. Most little boys like to wrestle and tumble around on the floor and a good rug can prevent scraped knees and elbows. Add a rug that matches the theme and you son’s room design will be complete.

Our best hint for Interior Design, is to use area rugs – and the cotton rugs will suit any modern furnishings.

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