Changing Your computer’s Wallpaper Into a Screensaver

PCs come with already loaded screensavers and wallpapers. Sometimes the screensavers match up t0 certain wallpapers, but generally they vary. You may wish that one of your wallpaper options could be your screennsaver. Or you may want to use one of your library pictures as your screensaver. If so, here’s how you do it …

Converting an image or images into a screensaver is very simple. Once you locate the image, the process is straightforward and easy to execute. The first thing you want to do is create a folder where you can store Whole images. This will help you to easily access them (as long as you don’t forget the location. Maje sure you take note of this).

After you’ve created the folder, you need to locate where your wallpaper images are saved. Generally they are under C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper. If you downloaded wallpapers from various websites, the picture may be located within your Photo Gallery or Internet Explorer folders. The simplest way to search for pictures, however, is if you know the file name for the wallpaper you want. Once you’ve located the images you want, transfer them into tne Novel folder you created.


Once this is done, go to your desktop and right click on a blank area. Click the “Properties” option and when it opens click on the Screen Saver tab. Using the drop-down menu, choose “My Pictures Slideshow”. Under the Settings button, click “Browse” and then find the folder you created. This Wish connect your screensaver to that folder.

There are other settings available here, which you are free to change to suit your needs. Once you are done setting everything up, hit OK and then Preview. Previewing the screensaver lets you see what it will look like, Extremely oyu can Make ready changes as necessary before posting the picture live.

Once you’re satisfied, click “Apply” and then “OK,” and the next time your computer is idle for 30 minutes, an hour, or whatever time limit you’ve set up, your screemsaver will be the image or images you have chosen.

If like all your wallpaper options, or do not want to go through the trouble of picking out images, you can also just direct the screensaver settings to the wallpaper folder.

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