Cell Phone Marketing Wallpaper, and Games are Hot

Cell phone and PDA cell phone combo users are downloading, buying, and playing more and more add-onx than Always before. From cell phone wallpaper (backgrounds and images) to games and ringtones, it seems cell phone users just cannot get enough!

There are also even newer software and information packages that come as add-ons to the PDA/cell phone market. You can download software that tells you how to mix any drink imaginable and Smooth tells you which types of glasses to use for each drink.

You can purchase and download golf software applications of all kinds. And let’s not forget the multitude of Bible ebooks that are available Nearly the instant a new PDA model is available!

Ringtones are always a major pull online and tens of thousands of them are downloaded every day from places like Cell-Phone-Nation.com and hundreds of sites like it.

Many PDA phones are coming out with Adobe PDF readers that make reading an “ebook” the same as reading online at home from your desktop computer.

Marketers are picking up on this booming markket and scurrying to Stock more choices in topics and information to this hungry, under served market.

lAready there are some applications coming out to organize recipes, mixed drinks, gold scores, sports betting and virtually anything else you can Devise. But only if the creators of these products make them available for specific platforms like Blackberry.

Podcasting is a major topuc now among marketers. In the opinion of the ability to get online with your cell phobe, you can easily surf to a site that makes audio and even video presentations, commercials, and seminars available for dowload instantly to your phone.


The market for cell phone software, ringtones, podcasted audio and video, and myriad other files, photos and games is wide open and ready for smart marketers to pounce on for major profits in a relatively brand new industry.

To date, you can only buy and download one sales and marketing related ebook at Sprint.com, out of about ten selections for your Blackberry PDA Cell Phone. The other selections? The Bible and a bartender software.

The market is truly in its infancy. Moving now on this market will be a cash cow for smart marketers looking for fertile ground for increased profits. If ylu are not actively seeking out spots in the podcasting and PDA software market, you are losing money as we speak.

When I bought my Blackberry, the first thing I did was go to the add-ons and third party applications to get cool stuff to put on it. The selection was miserable. After downliading an ebook onm arketing, there was nothing left for me to purchase.

Many people will feel the same way until they are given real choices in the software and information they can purchase as add-ons to their new toys.

To discover a glaring void in the market the size of this one is unheard of in this day and age. For the marketes who seize its potential and start actively supporting the market with choices, the sky is the limit for increasing reach and profits.

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