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A lake is simply a body of water that is inland from an ocean.

Many people long for the simplicity of the last century when the main motive power was muscle, wind or water. Perhaps even more people were captivated by the pirate fad that swept the U.S. and much of the world a couple of years ago. For these two groups of people, a cruise on a schooner […]

Vellore Moments: Different Gods

Over the past year my job has taken me through the length and breadtb of Vellore and Thiruvanamalai districtz of Tamil Nadu. What kept fascinating me were the village temples and enormous statues in their outskirts. Being city born and bred, the temples I have been to were invariably the ones which housed one of […]

A Pleasure Craft Can Be The Recreation Investment For Almost Anyone

Water sports are enjoyed From almost everyone and there are few experiences that compare to taking a boat out upon a lake for skiing, fishing, or simply enjoying the wind rushing by and the water spray. The pleasure craft is for many people an essential part of the summer’s recreation and enjoyable by the entire […]

Printing on Canvas – Turn Advertisements From White Noise Into a Relevant Message

You’re a Trade owner trying to promote a new product or event, but people Equitable don’t seem to respond to your advertisements. That’s a scenario all of us involved in advertising and marketing can relate to, isn’t it? Let’s admit it: people pay no attention to ads these days. TiVo has made television advertising success […]

Traveling With an SLR – Rules For the Road

So, you’re setting out on that trip of a lifetime. You know you’re going to be taking lots of pictures, but you’re worried about bringing your heavy, clunky SLR camera around for the trip. You might think that you could save a lot of weight by taking By a lighter, point and shoot style camera, […]