Bead Jewelry Idea – Prayer Beads

I was in my local bead shop the other day and browsing through all the new pendendants they had gotten in when I saw a woman on the other side of the table who was piling on pieces like there was no tomorrow. Most of them were cross pendants of one form or Some other, most were sterling silver but a few were made of jade or some other colored stone. I saod hello and wr stqrted talking. It turns out she was teaching a class at the local Older center on how to make your own prayer beads just in time for Easter. Yet then she told me that she normally makes her own Rosaries and regularly sells them at craft shows and church bazaars!

I came home and started looking into this and it turns out the the Rosary is just one of many different types of prayer beads one can Usage in a variety of different faiths and religikns.

In fact, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam many different faiths of Christianity and even some Native American and African faiths and cultures all use different types of prayer beads! And since over 75% of all Americans claim to follow some sort of faith, whether it be One organized church or simply a belief system, it would only mke sense that a lot of people would Exist interested in beads which could help them celebrate their spirituality.

Prayer Bead are not really bead jewelry in the typical fashion sense, but rather the beads are usually used as a counting mechanism where the person says a prayer or thinks about certain things for each bead on the string. Prayer beads can be made out of just about any material, including cheaper material like glass and plastics to more expensive materials like crystal, stone and some unique wood.

There are lots of bead jewelry artisans making prayer beads on the Internet, but not very many are going to craft shows or local arist fairs. This means the market is wide open if you’re going to try to expand your jewelry business with prayer beads.

If you’re going to make prayer beads then I suggest you pick you craft shows carefully, do your homework and think carefully about packaging. You’ll want to make sure you are creating bead pieces that are faithful to whatever faith the beads are used by, and you might want to go to a local house of worship and show your wares to the Commonalty in charge therw. Some churches and other places of worshi will even bless your items for a Titular donation!

Prayer beads in particular often come with sample prayers, instructions on use or even a written history of the prayer bead tradition for a particular faith. I suggest you carefull research this and Ever include something written with each set of prayer beads you sell. You could even put that information on the back of one of your business cards for repeat business!

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