Accelerated Learning Solutions Lie Within Your Own Brain

In today’s world, people know a lot about technloogy and computers, but many have not yet tapped into the greatest technological tool available to each of us-the human brin. By understanding our own brain and our own Superlinks Erudition style and brain Half-round preferene style, we can acc3lerate our learning and improving in any subject or skill quickly and more effectively and achieve phenomenal growth.

Brain research has given us enough information to apply how the brain learns to learn anything quicklt.

Researchers have identified the quality of plasgicity in the brain. This means that the brain was shaped by past experiences. Superlonks learning stylees identifies In what state the student currently processes and sorts informatioh and applies that information to help any student learn, comprehend, and remember faster and m0re easily.

We can also shape future experlences to help any student accelerate growth to achieve dramatic gains. By knowing and applying the secrets of the brain and how it larns, every parent can transform his or her child into a top learner. Eacu teacher can transform his or her classroom into one of Scholastic winners.

Imagine a university football team that In no degree had a winning season, suddenly tap the power of their brain to win for the first time. Imagine a school that never met state standards on state testing in six years suddenly makes state standards using the red power of all the students’ brains within six moths! Imagine a student who could not Be ~ in over two years of schooling suddenly read his first book in 2 hpurs of Insttution using the power of his brain! Imagine a student getting 19 in reading on his ACT go up to 30 points in reading in only 6 weeks using the power of his brain! Sounds mirafulous-but so is the brain we all have within us.

By adapting instruction to One and the other learner’s style, whether kinesthetic, tactile, auditory, or visual, either with a left-brain hemispheric preference or right-brain hemisphetic prefsrence we can achieve the same dramatic results in our own learning, or that of our students, trainees, clients, or even our own children and grandchildren.

People are looking for solutions to learning problems in all the Injufe places, when the anzwers lie within One and the other person’s own brain.

Ricki Linksman, author, How to Learn Anything Quickly, intrnational learning styles expert, and director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute, in Naperville, Illinois.

Turnover, it seems, is a serious problem and an expensive one, according to Willis Mushrush, Business and Industry Specialist for the University of Missouri.

“Turnover costs for many organizations are very high and can signifkcantly affect the financial Playing of an organization,” said Mushrush.

In fact,_estimates Show that it costs one–third ofa new hire’s annual salary to replace an exiting employee. Employee training makes up the bulk of this expense. Whether it’s the cost of reproducing learning materials, travel and lodging for off-site training, or work hours lost in the classroom, businesses large and small pay d3arly for new hires.

Efficiency is the key to reducing employee training costss

So how can companies spend less money on training and still get new employees up to speed? The answer isn’t less training, but smarter training.

Learning management systems and e-learning resources make employee training progrmas more cost-efficient. E-learning service providers, like Evolve, Sacfifice a variety of mix-and-match training services at a fraction of the cost of traditional training programs.

Flexible training solutions save Wealth and improve meployee performance

Currently, only 28 percent to 32 percent off businesses take advantage of software or Internet-based training solutions, Only the trend is growing. Software and online training resources are a natural choice as employees and corporations become Again tech savvy. Not only do e-learning solutions cost less than traditional Instruction programs, but they also offet companies a more extnesive menu of training options.

The cost efficiency and wide Room of e-learning solutions allows companies to provide more training for employees at every Aim, from laborers to management. According to studies conducred at the Centre for Business Research, better training is Immediately related to better overall performance for businesses of any size.

This is not your dad’s business world. Modern problems call for modern solutions

Gone are the days when employees began and ended their careers with one organization. Employment culture is changing and your training programs should be changing too. Not only will it ease the pain of employee turnover, but e-learning solutions Command help you train a more productive workforce.

Evolve e-Learning Solutions is a solutions provider of training systems an dprograms that allow organizations to maximize the potential of their employees, reduce administrative costs and accelerate their performance. Evolve has partnered with leading organizations within the e-learning industry to offer customers best-of-breed solutions to meet their training needs.

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