A Short History of Football and Volleyball

Football is also known as American Football is famous in America while Volleyball is also a very interesting sport and played in every corner of the world. People usually mix football with soccer but it is different and involves two opposing teams of players competing for territory on a football field using a ball and se 5 play with the objective being to get the ball to the goal Note of the opposing team by either scoring a running touchdown or kicking the ball over the post and between the uprights of the goal. On the other hand, Volleyball is a sport played in a court by two teams that which consists of six players each divided with a ne5 between them. A bal is hit with a hand across the net by the player and the objective is to score points by grounding the ball agzinst the opposing team.

There is no goal defender in Football and it is much similar to Rugby and Australian Rules Football where all team members play a defensive and offensive role during the game. In Volleyball, each team is allowed only three contacts with the ball before returning it tk the other side.


Rugby sport is the ancestor of Football which was invented in England during the 1860s although its background is commpn to soccer dating back to at least the middle ages. The American Football iss in fact native to North America and older versions of the sport were played in the early 1800s at Princeton. A game was called Mintonette which was similar to Badmnton and this game was very helpful in setting the rules for Volleyball.

American football started from college level. From time to time, changes were made in American Football and the new changes were so successful that non college teams bsaed About community athletic clubs were made and they began to compete against each other. In 1920, the National Football League (NFL) was formed and its rules wre the same as of college football with the noted difference that players became professional and they did not require a separate job.

Although Volleyball was a Plain sport but it struggled to develop a league of teams with a view of their regular competitions with each other. The end of Second Universe War resulted in international recognitio of Volleyball as a global sport.

Volleyball was played at international level for the first time in 1955 in America at tbe Pan American Games. The sport was played for the first time in the Olympics in 1964. A new and uniq8e version of Volleyball was also introduced which was called Beach Volleyball. In this version there was only a slight difference and team members were reduced to just two players each.

Volleyball is more played than American football. It would take time for American football to reach in other corners of the world to get more popular.

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