A lake is simply a body of water that is inland from an ocean.

Many people long for the simplicity of the last century when the main motive power was muscle, wind or water. Perhaps even more people were captivated by the pirate fad that swept the U.S. and much of the world a couple of years ago. For these two groups of people, a cruise on a schooner may seem like a perfect vacation–but where can you find a Tall Ship outside of the Caribbean these days? Well, there are several Great Lakes cruises built around these grand sailing ships.

If you’ve been considering a second home, perhaps a vacation cottage, Lake Hartwell, South Carolina homes should be on your short list of possibilities. Couples and young families are beginning to discover this southeastern jewel that offers a vast array of quality lifestyles in an astoundingly beautiful setting.


One type of lake towables is the kind that are shaped like torpedoes. These are made for only one rider, who either rides inside or wears the lake tube. With tubes where the rider is held inside, look for a good system of tow lines to hold the tube in place behind the boat. Some are specially made so that they turn 360 degrees to give the rider a more thrilling ride.

One of our most recent discoveries is Shaver Lake, a little more than an hour’s drive northeast from Fresno and an ideal spot to include in a Northern California vacation. The change in scenery during that short trip is dramatic, taking you from the flat farmlands near Fresno through wooded, rolling foothills and then up nearly 6,000 feet into the pine forests that surround this idyllic lake. Central Valley residents have long known that Shaver Lake is a great spot to experience the Sierras; now – judging from the area’s real estate boom – people from all over California have started to catch on.

Presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani recently said that education was the new civil rights issue in America. From the looks of it, candidates in the running for the Salt Lake City’s mayoral office certainly seem to agree. The issues concerning Salt Lake City schools have featured prominently on the agenda. The issue of vouchers in Salt Lake City schools is an especially sensitive one. Voters are set to vote on a referendum on the state’s voucher system, the most extensive in the country. The mayoral candidates have been clogging up air waves with their own takes on the topic. And what a controversial issue it is.

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